You only need 2 ingredients for these easy low carb chips! Crispy and cheesy, this flavoursome Keto snack is ready in minutes.


1 cup / 80g crushed pork scratchings (pork rind) 

2 cups / 250g cheddar cheese, shredded 


Preheat your grill (aka broiler for my US readers) 

Place pork scratchings into a food processor and blend. 

Add cheese and pulse until combined. 

Roll small balls in your hand and press them down on a baking sheet. Be sure to leave plenty of space in between them as they flatten out. I made 20 (and calculated the nutrition info for 20), but as the chips are very filling, you could also make them a little smaller than shown in the pictures above and get around 30.

Place under the grill and wait until they are browned. 

At this stage the chips are VERY soft. Wait until they are cooled down and have firmed up. Then you can either brown them from the other side as well or enjoy straight away 🙂 


If you use ready-made scratchings, try to choose a brand that uses as little nasties as possible. In the UK, this brand is good, in the US you could try this one. 


Calories: 69kcal Total Carbohydrates: 0.1g Protein: 1.7g Fat: 1.6g Saturated Fat: 0.6g Fiber: 0.1g