Dairy Free (or not) Quesadillas

These have been a staple.for us this week and help us stay on track!


•1 egg (or 1 egg white/3 tbs carton egg whites)

•1 tbs Kite Hill cream cheese (use any cream cheese you like or greek yogurt)

•Avocado oil spray or butter

•Goat, sheep or dairy free cheese

•Texas Pete hotsauce

•Pulled pork or favorite meat


Blend egg and cream cheese in blender. Heat pan, spray oil (or melt butter). Pour batter to make a thin coating on pan. Cook until bubbles pop and underside is browning. Flip and cook until other side is brown. Sprinkle cheese over entire "tortilla." Add hot sauce and meat to one side. Fold over other side on top and press down. Let cook long enough for cheese to melt it all together. Flip one more time if necessary. 

** You can add anything you want to this - salsa, sour cream, veggies. This is just what we did and it turned out delicious.