The picture on the left was Easter 2019 and the picture on the right was yesterday.

Needless to say I was miserable and didn’t think there was a way out,  I was tired, depressed, miserable and could not even sleep at all I was very unhealthy

I had lost my mom and my sister 10 days apart and that just about done me in. I didn’t want to even get up out of bed. This went on for five years, I had to find a way to live again.

Then in April 2019 I found my answer. My NATS. They gave me all the BETTERS. I went from not sleeping at night to sleeping through the night. I don’t feel defeated and miserable anymore.

I have a life to live in a family to love. And I’m not looking back.

2 - 3 NATS daily

Kreme daily

Keto Up 2 - 3 weekly

Reboot monthly