Philly Cheese Steak Casserole 💗


2 lb Ground beef

2 tsp Sea salt

1/2 tsp Black pepper

3 large Bell peppers (sliced into thin strips; I used red, yellow, and green)

1 large Onion (cut in half, sliced into thin slices)

1/2 tbsp Italian seasoning

1 tsp Smoked paprika

1/2 tsp Garlic powder

4 oz Cream cheese

1/4 cup Chicken bone broth

6 slices Provolone cheese (~4 oz)


Preheat the oven to 350.

Place the beef into a large saute pan over medium-high heat and break up with a spatula. Season with sea salt and black pepper. Cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until browned and cooked through.

Add the bell peppers and onions to the pan. Season with Italian seasoning, smoked paprika, and garlic powder. Saute for 10-15 minutes, until vegetables are soft.

Add the cream cheese and broth. Stir together until smooth and melted.

Transfer the mixture to a large stoneware baking dish (8 x 11 ½ inches). Arrange provolone slices on top, overlapping slightly.

Bake for 10-15 minutes, until cheese is melted.


Serving size: 1 cup (slightly heaped), or 1/6 entire recipe


Calories: 689.7 | Fat: 48.9g | Total Carbs: 9.7g | Net Carbs: 7.2g | Fiber: 2.5g | Sugar: 5.4g | Protein: 52.5g