Buffalo Chicken Chaffle 


* cooking spray

* 2 cups shredded chicken 

* 2 eggs

* ¾ cup Mexican cheddar shredded cheese (or cheddar)

* 1½ tbsp Louisiana hot sauce (or buffalo sauce of your choice)

* 1 tbsp ranch (or other dipping sauce, optional)



* Mix chicken, cheese and eggs with a fork in a medium bowl. Reserve some of the shredded cheese for later. Set aside. �

* Heat waffle maker to hot and spray with non-stick cooking spray.�

* Add a thin layer of shredded cheese to the waffle maker, then top with buffalo chicken mixture. Top with another thin layer of cheese. �

* Cook for approximately 4-5 minutes. Cheese should be caramelized and non-stick as long as it isn't disturbed.

Slice each Chaffle in 3 for dipping into Ranch