Cucumber roll-ups!

Ingredients (per roll)

  • 2 thin slices of English cucumber (use a mandoline or sharp knife to slice lengthwise)

  • 1 slice Muenster cheese

  • 2 oz smoked turkey

  • 4 slices salami

  • 1T mayo

  • handful of spinach


Blot both sides of the cucumber slices with paper towels. Lay the slices side-by-side on a cutting board. In the order listed (starting with cheese), layer fillings on the cucumber slices and roll tightly. Secure with toothpicks and cut in half crosswise.

Calories per roll: 289/ Net carbs 7.9g/Protein 27.3g/Fat 15.9g (Note: I'm not strictly keto so I used low-fat mayo, with regular mayo it will be lower carb/higher fat)

Note: eat right away after prepping or pack up in an airtight container on a couple of paper towels to absorb any moisture.